About Us

In 2004, dogs were getting sick and dying at an alarming rate because of tainted food and treats being brought to the U.S. from China. Not willing to subject our beloved pets to the dangerous and substandard treats commercially available, we created our own!
We based our recipes on our commitment to healthy, natural, and simplistic nutritional standards. We found that our dogs and the taste-test group responded so positively that we knew we had a good product.  The recipe and production techniques made it possible to create a line of treats that could be cut into fun shapes appealing to humans too. And funny enough, our treats not only agreed with the dogs but the human testers liked them too! Not only does our bag claim "No Humans were harmed in testing" it's really true!
We spent several years developing our brand and continue to create new products each year. 
After creating our flat cut cookies, we developed a cookie to satisfy the peanut butter lovers.  Our PupTarts© are filled with peanut butter and practically every dog loves them.  We then created a line of cakes, individual size Pupcakes©, and mini-size Puppycakes©.
Our cakes are made with real meat (boneless, skinless chicken). Nothing but the best for our fur babies!
Our commitment to healthy all natural dog treats is as strong today as it was when we made our first one over a decade ago.